The Best Fashion Blogs of 2015 With Extreme Style

Fashion blogs are full of ideas and inspiration; they keep you updated on everything related to Fashion. Today we bring you this beautiful list of most famous people from the blogosphere that have a fashion blog, and we recommend you to follow them in 2016.

These best blogs and fashion bloggers not only give you ideas, but they also keep you updated with current news and happenings in Fashion world.

So, get ready to be amazed with new accessories, designer clothing, style guides and trendy dresses.

Best Fashion Blogs

TheFashionGuitar – visit site

by: Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren

thefashionguitar - best fashion blogs

Charlotte from New York run this blog called The Fashion Guitar. She is a mother of two has been doing it for more than four years. Her style of writing and fashion sense tells a lot about her personality.

Before opening her blog, she was writing for fashion blogs and got the idea of opening her stuff. She does not have a brand of herself, but she has worked with famous brands like Jimmy Choo.

Man Repeller – visit site

by: Leandra Medine


Leandra Medine started this fashion blog in 2010 and gave it the name Man Repeller. This blog has humor twist in most of the posts, so you will feel reading and visiting it again and again.

Man Repeller is “someone who wears ‘sartorially outrageous’ outfits that may result in repelling members of the opposite sex”. According to Leandra Medine. Apart from being humorous, this blog has some awesome fashion articles as well.

Lust For Life – visit site

by: Olivia Lopez


Lust for Life is a fashion blog that was launched in 2006, her founder Olivia Lopez has a sunny SoCal style, and she has been featured in Elle, Teen Vogue and Barneys.

She’s a traveler and her articles on several popular website has covered her style from all over. You would love to see what does she have in her closet.

5 Inch And Up – visit site

by: Sandra Hagelstam

5 inch and up

Sandra live in London and is a travel buff. Her blog 5 Inch And Up got its name due to her love of high stiletto.

She has all kind of dresses in her closet, especially the glamorous one. A very sensual blog that has tons of photos of her and the style is just about perfect.

Harper and Harley – visit site

by: Sara Donaldson


Sara Donaldson has worked with popular brands like Gucci, Nike, Uniqlo, Swarovski and Harpers Bazaar. She is from Australia and a star in a Reality-TV Series called Fashion Bloggers.

After this TV Series, she got much of her fame and followers. She is quite a face and her philosophy of Black, White and Grey has turned her blog to a newer level. This site is a great inspiration and destination for Fashion followers.

That is it, for now, I will be adding more to this list time to time, right now you can focus on these and if you want to be a blogger like them then do read my blogging guide for 2016. Cheers!

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