Before Today You Probably Never Knew these Beautiful Horse Breeds (13 Photos)

We’re all familiar with the majesty of draft horses and the wildness of stallions, but what about those under-the-radar horse breeds? There are so many beautiful creatures that roam countrysides that you don’t know about. Even if you didn’t want a pony as a child, these ridiculously gorgeous horses are going to make you want one…like, right now.

1. Appaloosa

Animal 1

2. Friesian stallion

Animal 2

You thought these were just in fairy tales? You were (thankfully) wrong.

3. Akhal-Teke

Animal 3

Yes, that is a GOLD HORSE. In 2013, it was voted the most beautiful horse in the world.

4. Falabella

Animal 4

They may be mini, but there’s nothing small about how beautiful these little guys are.

5. Pinto

Animal 5

6. Norwegian fjord horse

Animal 6

7. Irish cob

Animal 7

They also go by gypsy horse, gypsy cob, gypsy vanner, or tinker horse.

8. Lipizzan

Animal 8

Made famous for their beautifully styled “dances,” these horses draw thousands to their shows around the world every year.

9. Andalusian horse

Animal 9

They’ve also been called the Pure Spanish Horse (Pura Raza Española in Spanish).

10. Clydesdale

Animal 10

Most often seen sporting a beer cart behind them, these huge horses are certifiably beautiful.

11. Icelandic horse

Animal 11

The scruffy look definitely works for these guys.

12. Hanoverian

Animal 12

13. Haflinger

Animal 13

If I had hair like this, I’d flaunt it, too.

How beautiful are they? I rode horses as a little girl, but these creatures really renewed my love of them!

via – viralnova


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