Beautiful Vintage Selfies of the last Decades (10 Photos)

#1 Frank Sinatra

Selfie 1

A young Sinatra took a photo of his own reflection in the medicine cabinet in the 1930s. On seeing the photograph, Sinatra’s granddaughter, Amanda Erlinger, exclaimed, “he took a selfie!”


#2 Grand Duchess Anastasia

Selfie 3

The above photo was snapped by the Grand Duchess Anastasia in 1913, when she was a teenager. The youngest daughter of Russia’s last czar is using the wildly popular camera of her time—the Kodak brownie, released in 1900—and a mirror to capture her own likeness. (Source)

#3 Anonymous New York Photographers

Selfie 4

The above photo was taken in 1920 on a New York City rooftop. The caption reads: “Five photographers posing together for a photograph on the roof of Marceau’s Studio, while Joseph Byron holds one side of the camera with his right hand and Ben Falk holds the other side with his left hand.” (Source)

#4 Stanley Kubrick

Selfie 5

Stanley Kubrick was a photographer long before he was a director. He took this selfie on the set of The Shining with his daughter. Apparently, Jack Nicholson thought Kubrick was taking a photo of him. (Source)

#5 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Selfie 6

Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss discovered a 60-year-old selfie taken by Jackie Kennedy with her sister-in-law, Ethel, and husband, JFK. (Source)

#6 Colin Powell

Selfie 7

Retired Gen. Colin Powell proved that he was hip before today’s selfie-taking cool kids were even born. He posted a 60-year-old self portrait to Facebook and it was everything a selfie should be.

Of the selfie, Powell, 76, wrote, “Throwback Thursday—I was doing selfies 60 years before you Facebook folks.” (Source)

#7 Paul and Linda McCartney

Selfie 8

A self-portrait of Linda, Paul and Mary McCartney, 1969. Linda was a photographer in her own right prior to meeting Paul. (Source)

#8 Anonymous German fraternity

Selfie 9

German fraternity mirror selfie, 1912. (Source)

#9 Vivian Maier

Selfie 10

Six years after her death, and four years after the discovery of her photos, very little is known about Vivian Maier. She was born in New York in 1926, worked as a nanny in Chicago, and died in 2009. She spent her life compulsively taking pictures. Most of those who knew her never even realized she was a photographer. A book of her self-portraits, compiled by filmmaker and street photographer John Maloof, was released in 2013. (Source)

#10 Sammy Davis, Jr. and Jerry Lewis

Selfie 11

Show biz legends Jerry Lewis and Sammy Davis, Jr. in a mirror selfie from the 1960s.

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