80 Great Arm Tattoos Ideas that you can share with friends

We love to feature tattoos now and then, and this time we selected the theme of arm tattoos, one of the best placements of tattoos on your body is arms. Guys like to show their bulging biceps and girls like to flaunt their sexy smooth skin. Arm tattoos are perfect to showcase both art and the body.

Although an arm tattoos are more popular among guys, but I would consider arm tattoos as unisex, the design liking may vary between both sexes, but the placement of tattoos on arms is common.

Find Arm Tattoo Ideas Below

So, if you are thinking to get arm tattoos, then before going through the process, take some inspiration and select the best one to be imprinted on you.

Arm Tattoos 1via

Arm Tattoos 2via

Arm Tattoos 3via

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Arm Tattoos 4via

Arm Tattoos 5via

Arm Tattoos 6via

Arm Tattoos 7via

Arm Tattoos 8via

Arm Tattoos 9via

Arm Tattoos 10via

Beautiful Arm Tattoo


Tribal Arm Tattoo


Ship Arm Tattoo


Lion Half Sleeve Tattoo


“My Little Allergy” by Adam van Deutekom; Think Tank Tattoo; Denver


Moths in the Moonlight tattoo by Adam Sky, Rose Gold’s Tattoo, San Francisco, California 


Mandala tattoo by Shane Olds at Age of Ink in Orlando


New tat! (By Jacob Haag, A Brand New Tattoo – Eau Claire, WI)


Mandala thingy by Mors @ La Main Bleue in St-Ghislain, Belgium


Galaxy/nebula sleeve (unhealed). Johnny Andres, Ironclad, Troy MI.

galaxy tattoo

From Jay Freestyle, Dermadonna Custom Tattoos, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Flying Chicago Dog – Josh Clay – West Town Tattoo – Chicago

Flying Chicago Dog

By Silver Garcia @ The Ink Elephant in McAllen, Tx

by Silver Garcia at The Ink Elephant in McAllen

By Paul Flatfish at the Shaman’s Den, Binghamton, NY

By Paul Flatfish at the Shamans Den

Stabing Knife by Lindsee Boyer at Good Times Tattoo in Oak Park Heights MN

stabbing knife arm tattoos

Tree by Sergio at Three Kings Tattoo-Manhattan-NY

Red Rose done by Rob Harper

Red Rose done by Rob Harper


Arrow arm tattoos by Ryan Ussher-Lighthouse-Tattoo-Australia

Half Sleeve done by Karin Janssen

Watercolor Koi dont by Tyler Turnbull - Artistic Impressions Tattoo

Dragon Arm

Dragon Arm

Wing tattoo

Wing arm tattoo



Weeping Angel

Weeping AngelArm tattoo

Arm tattoo

Arm Tattoo For Man

Arm Tattoo For Man

Viking Dot Style Tattoo

Viking Dot Style Tattoo

Butterfly arm tattoo for girls

Butterfly arm tattoo for girls


Tribal Arm Tattoo

Tribal Arm Tattoo

Rotuman Arm Tattoo Designs

Rotuman Arm Tattoo Designs


Memorial Skull

Memorial Skull

Black and white arm tattoo

Black and white arm tattoo


Clipper Ship Tattoo

Clipper Ship Tattoo

cartoon arm tattoo

cartoon arm tattoo


Incubus Left Arm Tattoo

Incubus Left Arm Tattoo

Flowers arm tattoos

Flowers arm tattoos



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