A Tattoo Artist creates Beautiful Tools (11 Photos)

Oozy, a tattoo artist in South Korea, creates beautiful, detailed tattoos depicting the tools that some of his clients use to make a living. Whether they’re chefs or craftspeople, the tools are a simple, elegant and beautiful testament to their work and (presumably) their passion.

That’s not all that Oozy does – he’s a talented artist and creates plenty of other great designs as well. Be sure to follow his work if you like excellent line tattoos!

More info: InstagramFacebook (h/t:demilkedufunk)

trade-tools-tattoos 1

trade-tools-tattoos 2

trade-tools-tattoos 3

trade-tools-tattoos 4

trade-tools-tattoos 5

trade-tools-tattoos 6

trade-tools-tattoos 7

trade-tools-tattoos 8

trade-tools-tattoos 9

trade-tools-tattoos 10

trade-tools-tattoos 11

via – boredpanda


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