A Real Life Sword Made at Home like in Fallout 4

To celebrate the release of Fallout4, I built what I always thought was the coolest weapon in the game. It is a flaming sword called a shishkebab.

The new game has a newer sleeker version of the sword that I thought looked sooo sexy, so I set out to build one that not only looked like the one in the game, but actually worked.

More info: makezine.com

The sword in action!

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Step 1: I got a katana and started with brainstorming

flaming-sword-from-Fallout 1

Step 2: Mounted a motorcycle handle to make the fuel spread

flaming-sword-from-Fallout 2

Step 3: Wired it to the back of butane canister

flaming-sword-from-Fallout 3

Step 4: Mounted a copper tubing to distribute the flames across the blade

flaming-sword-from-Fallout 4

Step 5: We painted it to look like concept art we found online

flaming-sword-from-Fallout 5

flaming-sword-from-Fallout 6

flaming-sword-from-Fallout 7

Step 6: Testing Shiskebab on Roger

flaming-sword-from-Fallout 8

flaming-sword-from-Fallout 9

It worked perfectly!

flaming-sword-from-Fallout 10

Our Shishkebab compiring to the concept art we found online

flaming-sword-from-Fallout 11

flaming-sword-from-Fallout 12

via – boredpanda


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