A Dog Learning to run with her New Prosthetic Legs (13 Photos)

Earlier this week we posted this video about a dog learning to run with her new prosthetic legs. We dug a little deeper and discovered the dog’s name is Daisy Underbite and her Instagram is full of the most adorable pictures. She also has anonline store where you can buy shirts made with her photos.

daisy-underbite 1

daisy-underbite 2

daisy-underbite 3

daisy-underbite 4

daisy-underbite 5

daisy-underbite 6

daisy-underbite 7

daisy-underbite 8

daisy-underbite 9

daisy-underbite 10

daisy-underbite 11

daisy-underbite 12

daisy-underbite 13

via – thechive


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