99 Life Hacks, you must know to make your life easier

Life Hacks are little tricks to simply our lives. Every now and then, we get stuck with a little part of our routine which consumes more time than it should or we end up throwing something that could totally be reused or we spend money on things that are DIY, that is where these life hacks come in handy.

1. Do you tend to forget people? Repeat it after they tell it to you, for instance, Nice to meet you, Richard.

Life Hacks_03

2. Make left turns in the security line for a quicker checkout.

Life Hacks_04

3. No Iron? Well, try this. Steam shower for your clothes. (Don’t get’em wet)

Life Hacks_04

4. Keep the things back where you originally found them

Life Hacks_05

5. Try to use cash at all times. You will spend less money.

Life Hacks_06

6. Enjoy movies and videos if the airplane does not have a TV. (OMG, these airplanes should be banned).

Life Hacks_07

7. Double check. Always…

Life Hacks_10

8. Avoid breaking the alarm clock and keep it afar.

Life Hacks_11

9. Being early is a crisis for me. Really need to try this one.

Life Hacks_12

10. Roll’em up and save space and wear wrinkle free clothes.

Life Hacks_13

11. Don’t you despise those green stains on your fingers?

Life Hacks_14

12. Bring one thing in, throw two things out.

Life Hacks_16

13. If you get that killing headache after eating anything icy cold. Touch and tap your palate gently with your finger or tongue.

Life Hacks_18


14. Cool way to find the clothes to be donated.

Life Hacks_19

15. A must have with kids.

Life Hacks_20


16. A 5 minutes blow dry on the areas which feel tight would be enough.

Life Hacks_21


17. Grocery shopping after meals is the way to go, you would only buy stuff that you do need.

Life Hacks_22


18. Save emergency money in an empty chap stick.

Life Hacks_23

19. Check if the egg they served you is fresh.

Life Hacks_24


20. The universal text color.

Life Hacks_25


21. Nobody steals a red pen. So go ahead and trick those petty thieves.

Life Hacks_26


22. The perfect sandwich.

Life Hacks_27


23. Icy water and opening is not covered with ice.

Life Hacks_28


24. Save your fingernails and use staple remover.

Life Hacks_29

25. No worries about your stuff being stolen.

Life Hacks_31


26. Clean the grimy keyboard the cheapest way.

Life Hacks_32

27. A bread tab is quite useful.

Life Hacks_33


28. Cutting boards and drawers are the way to go.

Life Hacks_34 chip


29. Keep the chips fresh.

Life Hacks_35
30. It works just fine on an air cooler as well.
Life Hacks_36


31. Never lose your earrings.

Life Hacks_38


32. Never let your charger cord break with pen springs.

Life Hacks_39

33. Grate the butter when it is too hard.

Life Hacks_41


34. Remove sweat stains with dryer sheets.

Life Hacks_42


35. Heat two bowls at once.

Life Hacks_43


36. Saves you from getting your fingers messy.

Life Hacks_44


37. Chilled beer in 10 minutes.

Life Hacks_45

38. Perfect way to remove the shell off a boiled egg.

Life Hacks_47


39. Bobby pins come in handy. Store them in a Tic- Tac box.

Life Hacks_48


40. Saves your shoes as well as your clothes.

Life Hacks_49


41. Save pasta in a Pringles box.

Life Hacks_50

42. The BLT guide.

Life Hacks_52


43. Old coffee. No more.

Life Hacks_53


44. No more tangled necklaces.

Life Hacks_54


45. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Life Hacks_55


46. Keep your buttons from falling off with clear nail polish.

Life Hacks_56


47. Lens containers are perfect for carrying cosmetics or earrings while travelling.

Life Hacks_57


48. More sauce in the same bowl.

Life Hacks_58


49. Hide the cleaning supplies from children and save space.

Life Hacks_59


50. Doritos are great for  ignition

Life Hacks_60


51. Chill Wine with frozen grapes and save it from watering down

Life Hacks_61


52. A pants hanger is perfect as a cookbook holder

Life Hacks_62


53. The guide to a perfect crispy and chewy sandwich

Life Hacks_63


54. Happy cat in a box

Life Hacks_64


55 Keep the water from boiling over. Put a wooden spoon on top of the pot.

Life Hacks_65


56. Keep the ice cream from ruining your clothes. Use a muffin wrapper

Life Hacks_67


57. Lunch Thieves… No more…

Life Hacks_68

Life Hacks_69


58. No one will ever steal your money.

Life Hacks_70


59. Toilet rolls are great planting seedlings

Life Hacks_71


60. How to tie a Tie

Life Hacks_72


61. Folding a fitted bed sheet

Life Hacks_73


62. The closet looks well organized and you can see all the clothes.

Life Hacks_74


63. Chewing gum and cutting onion……. No more tears

Life Hacks_75


64. Reuse your old cassette case as a phone holder

Life Hacks_76


65. Finish a Nutella jar with ice cream.

Life Hacks_77


66. Organize long wires with hair clips

Life Hacks_78


67. Labeling your water bottle with time helps you drink more

Life Hacks_79


68. Straightening iron is great for ironing shirt collars.

Life Hacks_80


69. Drinking at the beach.

Life Hacks_82


70. Soda pop tabs . Woohoo

Life Hacks_83


71. When the bucket is too big for the sink.

Life Hacks_84


72. Nail polish = key marker

Life Hacks_85


73. CD Spindle = Bagel Tote

Life Hacks_86


74. Avoid mess while making pancakes, use a ketchup bottle

Life Hacks_87


75. Old toilet paper rolls can be used for storing chargers and cables.

Life Hacks_88


76. The way to heat food evenly in a microwave

Life Hacks_89


77. Remember what you lent your friends.

Life Hacks_90


78. Use a straw to remove stems from strawberries.

Life Hacks_91


79. Knot ’em up

Life Hacks_92


80. Don’t cut yourself, use a can opener to open those monstrous blister packs.

Life Hacks_93


81. Walnut – Wooden Furniture Repair Tool

Life Hacks_94


82. Use bread tab to hold the tape roll spot

Life Hacks_95


83. Avoid hammering your fingers, use a clothespin

Life Hacks_96

84. Use toilet paper roll to keep the wrapping paper in place.

Life Hacks_98


85. Pool noodle + Fitted bed sheet = No baby falls ( I certainly need this one)

Life Hacks_99


86. Toothpaste does not just clean your teeth.

Life Hacks_100


87. Vinegar in a bag = Clean shower head

Life Hacks_101


88. Use muffin tray to serve condiments at a Barbecue

Life Hacks_102


89. Dental Floss >>>>> Perfect cake and cheese slices


Life Hacks_103


90. Keep the straw in place. Put it through the soda pop tab

Life Hacks_104

91. Save your checks and important documents with a cardboard piece in a zip lock bag.

Life Hacks_107


92. The one trip trick

Life Hacks_108


93. Keep your chips fresh, use a bottle top

Life Hacks_109


94. DIY CD holder

Life Hacks_110


95. Use a spaghetti stick to light hard to reach candles.

Life Hacks_111


96. No drip ice pack

Life Hacks_112


97. Brownie in a mug

Life Hacks_113


98. Binder clips are multipurpose

Life Hacks_114

99. Post-it note = No drilling dust

Life Hacks_116


Bonus tip……….Enjoy Bacon Pancakes

Life Hacks_117



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