5 Unique Inventions for Solve The Pollution Problem

The level of pollution in Indian cities is worsening by the day and the quality of air we breathe is pretty much a health hazard. But enterprising individuals across the world have found solutions. Some of them so outlandish, you’ll be surprised how any of these even work!

1. Lego car that runs on air

lego car - saturnopecas_1450265864

21-year-old Romanian Raul Oaida invented a car made entirely out of Lego bricks and powered by compressed air. A crowd funded project, the car was built over 20 months with 500,000 pieces of Lego. The propulsion system is most interesting, made of four orbital engines with 64 cylinders each and uses compressed air as fuel. The car has a top speed of 30 kmph, but don’t expect to buy one anytime soon. It’s a one off!

2. Sprinklers on rooftops

sprinkler - architizer_1450265909

A weird idea that was floated to get rid of the pollution in Chinese cities. It involves installing huge water sprinklers on the roof tops which will then release water into the air to suppress the suspended pollutants. A whacky idea no doubt, it’s still not been implemented.

3. Vacuum to suck up the pollution

Trust the Dutch to come up with whacky stuff. Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde has built something called an ‘Electronic Vacuum Cleaner’ which can suck the pollution out of the air. He managed to successfully demonstrate that his invention works in a closed room and says that the effect can be replicated. His invention uses an electronic coil that creates an electrostatic field to magnetise and pull down pollutants!

4. Air purifier bike


Thailand-based Lightfrog Creative and Design has come up with a novel way to clean air. The firm proposes a bike with a filter in the front and as it is ridden around town, sucks up the pollution. They claim that the bike yields pure oxygen using a process roughly similar to photosynthesis in plants! It’s twice as effective if you think about it, because when it is being ridden, one car is off the roads as well! Genius!

5. Survival Kit

plant - designboom_1450266004

Talk about ingenuity. Everybody knows plants produce oxygen, so why not use them as a personal filteration and breathing system? That’s exactly what China-based O2ganic has done with their portable terrarium. You wear it like a backpack and put on a mask to breathe in fresh oxygen. And you can buy one since it’s on sale.

via – indiatimes


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