25 Major Issues with Marriage You Should Worry About

Everyone thinks that they know what marriage will be like, but the truth is less exciting than Hollywood would have you believe: now, instead of doing the same mundane things you used to do by yourself everyday, you have a partner doing their own same mundane things with you.

Did you just fart, or is that the dog? Inspired by this Huff Post article, we’ve decided to add to it with questions and comments like this one, to make an ultimate “married life in a nutshell” collection. Which one sums up marriage best? Make your voice heard. Vote!


married-tweets 1


married-tweets 2


married-tweets 3


married-tweets 4


married-tweets 5


married-tweets 6


married-tweets 7


married-tweets 8


married-tweets 9


married-tweets 10


married-tweets 11


married-tweets 12


married-tweets 13


married-tweets 14


married-tweets 15


married-tweets 16


married-tweets 17


married-tweets 18


married-tweets 19


married-tweets 20


married-tweets 21


married-tweets 22


married-tweets 23


married-tweets 24


married-tweets 25

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