25 Gifts for People that don’t give a Damn

For when you just cannot.

1. This mug:

Pic 1

Find it here.

2. This empty poster:

Pic 2

Find it here.

3. These middle finger pins:

Pic 3

Find them here.

4. This not-caring t-shirt:

Pic 4

Find it here.

5. This inviting candle:

Pic 5

“Welcome to our home.” Find it here.

6. This pillow:

Pic 6

Find it here.

7. These professional pencils:

Pic 7

Trust me, I’m an expert. Find them here.

8. This beautiful mug:

Pic 8

Find it here.

9. These wire rings:

Pic 9

Find them here.

10. This cross-stitch:

Pic 10

Find it here.

11. This clock:

Pic 11

Perfect for the office. Find it here.

12. This journal:

Pic 12

Find it here.

13. This delicate necklace:

Pic 13

Find it here.

14. This wall decal:

Pic 14

Find it here.

15. These comfy socks:

Pic 15

Find them here.

16. This realistic print:

Pic 16

Find it here.

17. These business cards:

Pic 17

Find them here.

18. This baseball hat:

Pic 18

Find it here.

19. This cute t-shirt:

Pic 19

Find it here.

20. These abusive balloons:

Pic 20

Find it here.

21. This bedtime story:

Pic 21

For the over-it parent. Find it here.

22. These corrective business cards:

Pic 22

Find them here.

23. This helicopter toy:

Pic 23

Get it? It’s flying. Find it here.

24. These planner stickers:

Pic 24

Find them here.

25. These warning buttons:

Pic 25

Find them here.

26. These middle finger candles:

Pic 26

Find them here.

27. This story-telling shirt:

Pic 27

Find it here.

via – buzzfeed


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