25 Gifts for those Who Really Loves to Craft

When you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone, it’s important to remember that you’re not looking for what you want. You may love someone very much but have completely different tastes than they do, so you really have to pay close attention when it’s time to exchange gifts. Sometimes, you might even need a little help brainstorming…which is where we come in!

If you’ve got a special someone in your life who really loves to craft, but you have no idea what the difference between sewing and knitting is…then this list is your new best friend!

1. This mug is great for a little motivation along with the morning (or late-night) coffee.

Gift 1

2. A Cricut machine cuts various different materials into custom shapes in a flash.

Gift 2

3. These tiny scissors won’t be very useful for crafts, but they sure are adorable.

Gift 3

4. Fine, real scissors would be nice, too!

Gift 4

5. Washi tape is an easy way to spruce up any project.

Gift 5

6. If they’ve already got the tape, snag them this little polar bear dispenser.

Gift 6

7. Every true crafter needs a Moleskine to write down all their ideas and sketches.

Gift 7

8. Surely this giraffe fabric will be turned into something very classy and elegant.

Gift 8

9. And these hedgehog stickers will make a great focal point for the next project.

Gift 9

10. A hand-carved leaf stamp can add a touch of nature to any item.

Gift 10

11. Is your creative pal always looking to take up a new skill? Give them this beginner’s needle-felting kit.

Gift 11

12. Maybe they’d rather learn calligraphy?

Gift 12

13. Who doesn’t want to personalize their jewelry? Make it happen with a metal-stamping kit!

Gift 13

14. A plant press would be really fun, because it’s something they wouldn’t think to buy on their own, but it opens up a whole world of crafting possibilities.

Gift 14

15. Of course, there’s always GLITTER.

Gift 15

16. A nice set of brushes will go a long way.

Gift 16

17. These silly tags are sure to make your pal laugh.

Gift 17

18. A custom rubber logo stamp or “made by” stamp would be so thoughtful!

Gift 18

19. Every crafter needs a good cutting mat.

Gift 19

20. Thread is useless unless you can find the spool you want…problem solved with this organizer!

Gift 20

21. Is your pal a crafter and a foodie? They canmake their own cheese!

Gift 21

22. If your friend writes a lot of notes to accompany his or her crafts, this adorable wax seal kit will blow them away.

Gift 22

23. This desktop sewing organizer is all your favorite sewer will ever need.

Gift 23

24. A yarn bowl is perfect for a knitter, especially if they’re always getting tangled!

Gift 24

25. Get an assortment of a-freaking-dorable magnets for your knitting club.

Gift 25

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