25 Aww Photos of the Day – January 18, 2017

Only 600 Zorro Chilotes estimated left and somehow this lil lady comes to nap next to us today.

Image Source: Reddit

When you don’t need a human to tell you you’re a good boy.

Image Source: Imgur

I’m a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Yesterday the police called me with an “albino raccoon”. It turned out to be neither.

Image Source: Reddituploads

We adopted a thing.

Image Source: Reddit

My best friend for the past ten years.

Image Source: Reddituploads

Caught them!

Image Source: Imgur

This is my dog. Her name is Honey and she’s old.

Image Source: Reddituploads

Little Hershey.

Image Source: Reddituploads

My dog always takes my hoodie so I finally just put it on him. He was very pleased to be a human.

Image Source: Reddituploads

My dog either found a portal or became a giraffe.

Image Source: Reddit


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