20 Funny Pictures to give you Chills

“There’s someone out there for everyone. (London underground)” by marcusworm in funny

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SAT books are getting too real these days

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I’d rather watch the paint drying, thanks

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My fiancée and I met this horse yesterday in Stockholm. He was pretty awesome.

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When you’re playing hide and seek and nature calls.

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Hey Flat Earthers!

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Another example of brilliant marketing

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The way he looks at that pig…

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The power of ice cream.

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Holy Trinity

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In response to a particularly stupid question, my professor ripped off his shirt in the middle of lecture

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I believe you. Millions wouldn’t.

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In the classroom

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Animaniacs vs. Math

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When kids grow up using netflix

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I just…heard your phone ring

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[Star Wars spoilers] Too soon?

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Despite all my rage…

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The perfect spot

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