20 Christmas Gifts that are Genius Inventions

This holiday season, don’t waste your money buying Dad another tie or getting Mom another piece of jewelry that she’ll never wear. Instead, choose from any of these 20 items that’ll instantly make their lives easier. Some of them are old standbys, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome.

Just be careful that you don’t start ordering them all for yourself.

1. Phone charger extension cord? Yes please!

Gift 1

Buy one here for $9.49.

2. Destroy wrinkles on the go with this handheld steamer.

Gift 2

Buy one here for $29.99.

3. Play nature sounds directly under your pillow with this unique speaker.

Gift 3

Buy one here for $59.99.

4. A travel Crock-Pot that’s great for when you’re stuck bringing food to family dinners.

Gift 4

Buy one here for $24.99.

5. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker will help you bring your tunes into the shower.

Gift 5

Get one here for $99.99.

6. Never lose sleep to a noisy neighbor again with this white noise machine.

Gift 6

Buy one here for $40.79.

7. Never snore again. This is a gift that keeps on giving.

Gift 7

Buy one here for $27.95.

8. These bed risers with built-in electrical outlets optimize space in so many ways.

Gift 8

Buy some here for $29.99.

9. Electric timers are oldies, but goodies.

Gift 9

Buy one here for $8.51.

10. Like adding chains to tires, these shoe attachments can help even the clumsiest people avoid slipping on ice.

Gift 10

Buy some here for $41.95.

11. Boot dryers aren’t new, but they’re always useful.

Gift 11

Buy one here for $19.98.

12. Great for the outdoorsy people in your life!

Gift 12

Buy one here for $109.99.

13. This mug looks cool, and it insulates drinks like a dream.

Gift 13

Buy one here for $29.99.

14. An in-home laminator adds a bit of professionalism to any document.

Gift 14

Buy one here for $30.59.

15. A rechargeable handheld vacuum is always useful in a pinch.

Gift 15

Buy one here for $33.17.

16. A heated mattress pad for those cold winter nights will never go unappreciated.

Gift 16

Buy one here for $59.99.

17. Amazon Echo is perfect for your favorite techie.

Gift 17

Buy one here for $179.99.

18. Tea lovers will appreciate this travel tea tumbler with a built-in infuser.

Gift 18

Buy one here for $31.49.

19. Portable luggage scales are great for travelers.

Gift 19

Buy one here for $11.49.

20. Know someone with a knack for carpentry? This multi-blade saw was made for them.

Gift 20

Buy one here for $155.

All of these are so useful, and there’s something on this list for everyone you need to buy for this season. Which ones are you going to pick up?

via – viralnova


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