20+ Appealing and Charming Photos

Take a break from the workday and entertain your brain.

Flight deck of the space shuttle Endeavor

Best 1

This pig was willing to risk it all for the sake of freedom

Best 2

McLaren P1 GT-R, definitely one of the meanest rear-ends around

Best 3

The largest Heroin bust in Australia’s history. (1,032 kilos)


Best 4

People lined up to get into the Amazon Book Store… the online book store that killed brick-n-mortar book stores.

Best 5

This is the tire of an ice racer

Best 6

Man & Girl in Traditional Maori Attire

Best 7

1700hp twin turbo Ford GT

Best 8

How does this even happen?

Best 9

A casting mold for a wind turbine blade

Best 10

The small bullet is a .50 BMG, the larger one is the 20MM rifle round

Best 11

A 1992 Jaguar xj220

Best 12

This is what happens when you go 84,000 miles without an oil change

Best 13

Vancouver Police dog learning to rappel with his partner

Best 14

Tattoo of Bekah Miles, diagnosed with depression. From our perspective it reads “I’m fine” but from her perspective it reads “save me.”

Best 15

Eagles Of Death Metal Bataclan Concert, BEFORE the Attack Photob by Manuwino

Best 16

When Paris turned out its lights, the rest of the world turned them on.

Best 17

A Lotus C-01 (designed by the same guy as the Tron light cycle)

Best 18

All Natty Bro.

Best 19

Tug-O-War with a Tiger

Best 20

Han Solo – Then and Now

Best 21

Christie Brinkley Found the Fountain Of Youth…She is 61 Years Old!

Best 22

With Love

Best 23

via – ebaumsworld


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