19 Extremely Interesting People And Things

Captivating and certainly out of the ordinary.

Truly Fascinating 1

Mobile stripper advertising in Las Vegas.

Truly Fascinating 2

Sailor getting a tattoo in Norfolk Virginia, 1936.

Truly Fascinating 3

This is how Google Fiber lets you know they are available in your area….Lucky bastard.

Truly Fascinating 4

Kamikaze hit on HMS Sussex.

Truly Fascinating 5

Kamikaze Pilots moments before a suicide mission.

Truly Fascinating 6(1)

An inspiring photograph from the World Disability chess championships.

Truly Fascinating 7

Mugshot of the drunk driver who plowed her car into the crowd at the Olkaohma State University homecoming parade, killing four people including a toddler.

Truly Fascinating 8

Storm Cloud Light : The aptly named cloud is an interactive light and speaker that’s shaped like an angry little stormcloud. The idea is that you suspend it from the ceiling and it plays tunes and simulates a real thunderstorm inside your house.

Truly Fascinating 9

Brock Lesnar wrestling for Minnesota University.

Truly Fascinating 10

This haunted house is so intense they make you sign a waiver.

Truly Fascinating 11

Mac Sabbath, a McDonald’s themed black sabbath tribute band.

Truly Fascinating 12

Taylor Swift meeting a young fan backstage.

Truly Fascinating 13

Almost 100 years later WW1 dead are emerging from Italian glaciers.

Truly Fascinating 14

One of two Known surviving tea chests from the December 16, 1773, Boston Tea Party when 340 tea chest were dumped into Boston Harbor by rebelling colonists.

Truly Fascinating 15

The apps in your smartphone would cost $900,000 thirty years ago.

Truly Fascinating 16

Photos of Carrier Fisher Promoting “Return of the jedi” at a Rolling Stone Magazine beach shoot, 1983.

Truly Fascinating 17

Koala returns home to find her forest has been cut down.

Truly Fascinating 18

A Coal miner takes a bath after his swift at a mine in Changzih, China.

Truly Fascinating 19

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile in 2007.

via – ebaumsworld


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