17 Mini Paintings on Recycled Wood Created by a Man who quit his Boring Job

Growing up surrounded by trees, I’ve found a deep affinity for the life force present in the natural world. For years I worked long monotonous hours in the city, in front of a computer, and felt like I was contradicting my very existence. So, five months ago, I decided to make a change.

Today most of my time is spent making mini paintings and wood-burned pieces on recycled and free fallen wood. When there is no fallen branches from the trees around our house, I turn to my neighbors and community. Thankfully, there has not been a shortage on materials waiting to be re-purposed.
I love working small, it creates an intimate experience between myself and the natural world. I have learned to appreciate the process of crafting and have come to adore the unique quirks in nature, working to enhance its beauty, instead of forcing my own concepts.
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i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 1

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 2

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 3

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 4

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 5

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 6

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 7

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 8

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 9

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 10

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 11

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 12

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 13

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 14

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 15

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 16

i-bring-recycled-wood-to-life 17

via – boredpanda


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