16 Best Laundry Hacks Ever

1. Wash socks in a mesh laundry bag so they’re easier to pair up when folding.

laundry hack 1

These mesh laundry bags will take your laundry organization to the next level!

2. Save $73 a year by making your own laundry detergent pods

laundry hack 2

Pay about $0.20 less than Tide pods when you make your own.

Get simple instructions here.

3. Pretreat a makeup smudge with shaving cream.

laundry hack 3

4. Write on your washing machine with a dry erase marker to remind yourself which clothes can’t go in the dryer.

laundry hack 4

5. Put baby powder on an oil stain and let it soak up the oil overnight.

laundry hack 5

6. Soften clothes with vinegar.

laundry hack 6

Pour ¼ – ½ cup vinegar (depending on your washer type) in along with detergent for your wash cycle—then enjoy static-free, lint-free, soft clothes.

7. Dewrinkle clothes quickly with ice cubes.

laundry hack 7

Throw a couple of ice cubes in your dryer with wrinkled clothing for about 15 minutes. As the heat from your dryer melts the ice cubes, steam is released to help rid your clothes of wrinkles.

8. Replace dryer sheets with a towel soaked in fabric softener.

laundry hack 8

Make sure the towel is completely dried before throwing it your dryer (this may take up to three days to completely dry).

9. Hang sweaters like this so they don’t fall off or become stretched out.

laundry hack 9

First, take your sweater and fold it in half lengthwise. Place the hook of the hanger near the the armpit of your sweater.

laundry hack 10

Then, fold the sleeves and the bottom half over the hanger.

laundry hack 11

10. Freeze jeans in a Ziploc bag to remove odors.

laundry hack 12

11. Use a pillowcase and a paint stirring stick (a ruler works too) to deep clean your lint trap.

laundry hack 13

Before cleaning your lint trap, remove any clean laundry from the dryer. Put a paint stirring stick or ruler inside the corner of a pillowcase and lightly spray the corner with water or a gentle spray cleaner (the wetness will help the lint adhere to the pillowcase fabric). Slide the ruler or stick from one side to the other, and life out any lint—you’ll be surprised at how much will come out!

12. Get rid of armpit stains with baking soda and lemon juice.

laundry hack 14

Squeeze fresh or concentrated lemon juice and water onto the stain and rub the mixture in. Allow the shirt to dry out in the sun for extra stain-removing power. I also like to use OdorKlenz Sports Detergent to help with odor. For tough stains, create a paste of baking soda and water and apply to the stain. Let it sit for about an hour before throwing it into the wash.

13. Ball up aluminum foil and use it as a dryer sheet.

laundry hack 15

Your clothes will be static-free and you can reuse the foil.

14. Dry clothes in a jiffy by throwing a clean, dry towel in with wet laundry.

laundry hack 16

15. Clean your iron with dryer sheets.


Turn your iron on the lowest heat setting and let it warm up. Then, lay a dryer sheet out flat on your ironing board and gently rub the iron over it. The dryer sheet will capture the gunk and leave your iron clean.

You can do more than you think with dryer sheets. Check out this article for ways to use extra and old dryer sheets.

16. Hang clean shirts quickly by stacking them flat first, then folding them down as you slip each hanger through.

laundry hack 17

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