15 Ways to Reuse Beer Bottles The Right Way

For most of your life, you’ve probably been under the impression that aside from doing your duty to recycle your beer bottles, there aren’t many other things you can do with them. We’re here to tell you that you’ve been lied to!

Yes, recycling them is great, but reusing them around your home for cool projects is arguably way better. Here’s the proof:

1. Spice up a dull spoon rest by making one from a beer bottle.

Pic 1

This DIY requires a kiln, but you can also buy them here.

2. Mini bottle top candles are super easy to make.

Pic 2

3. But this big one will definitely burn longer.

Pic 3

4. For a fun way to use string lights year-round, stuff ’em in a bunch of bottles.

Pic 4

5. A little spray paint is all you need to make your bottles into vases.

Pic 5

6. But you can also turn them into mini gardens.

Pic 6

7. Make sure your other plants survive while you’re away with this trick.

Pic 7

8. Never drink out of a boring cup again with thesebeer glasses.

Pic 8

9. This goblet is another option — arguably classier.

Pic 9

10. But shot glasses will always have a place at your party.

Pic 10

11. For a simple statement piece in your home, just paint your bottles white and decorate them with Sharpies.

Pic 11

12. This chandelier is perfect for any man cave.

Pic 12

13. For chic jewelry storage, look no further!

Pic 13

14. Easily replace these wine bottles for empty beers to make cool shelves.

Pic 14

15. Enjoy the soft sounds of beer bottle wind chimes.

Pic 15

16. Or just light up your backyard hangout spot with these torches.

Pic 16

via – viralnova


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