15 Photos of Glorious Men with Glitters in Beard

In the latest weird trend to surface on Instagram, bearded men are starting to cover their beards with glitter. It may seem unexpected, but it was only a matter of time after men began putting flowers in their beards more than a year ago.

Let us know what you think about these glitter beards in the comments – is this a fun and festive holiday trend or have these beard bedazzlers gone too far?

More info: Instagram (h/t: elitedaily)

glitter-beard-trend 1

glitter-beard-trend 2

glitter-beard-trend 3

glitter-beard-trend 4

glitter-beard-trend 5

glitter-beard-trend 6

glitter-beard-trend 7

glitter-beard-trend 8

glitter-beard-trend 9

glitter-beard-trend 10

glitter-beard-trend 11

glitter-beard-trend 12

glitter-beard-trend 13

glitter-beard-trend 14

glitter-beard-trend 15

via – boredpanda


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