15 Designer Problems that show by funny Comics

Every profession has its downsides, but #DesignerProblems are funnier than most! Written and illustrated by Seth Roberts and Brian Hawes every week, these comics take a light-hearted look at “problems” such as poor font choices and the difficulty in trying to use the Pantone Matching System while shopping for clothing.

If you think these comics are a riot, then be sure to check out our other, designer-related posts! Fromdesigner fears, to collections of the worst fonts ever created.

More info: creativemarket.com (h/t: demilked)

designer-problems 1

designer-problems 2

designer-problems 3

designer-problems 4

designer-problems 5

designer-problems 6

designer-problems 7

designer-problems 8

designer-problems 9

designer-problems 10

designer-problems 11

designer-problems 12

designer-problems 13

designer-problems 14

designer-problems 15

via – boredpanda


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