11 Signs That You Are In A One-Sided Relationship

A one-sided relationship is one where your ‘I love you’ means a mere three, useless words for them. It is marked by you being too available for them, and them not showing up when you need them.

1. It’s like living with a curse


Being in a one-sided relationship is like a curse. You readily live with it without complaining, but soon realise that you’re not at the receiving end of love. It’s then that you start feeling the burden of the relationship.

2. Dignity must always come before love

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One tends to forget about their dignity when they are in a one-sided relationship. They don’t express their opinions, nor do their choices matter. But one must not forget that losing dignity is like losing yourself. Loving yourself is as important as loving your significant other.

3. You and only you know what sacrifices truly mean


You have chosen action movies over rom-coms, Chinese over Indian, partying over reading. Only you know what sacrifices truly are.

4. There is no point in stretching a relationship

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When you detect a problem and don’t work on it, it will create bigger problems down the line. You really need to have that “talk” when things aren’t working for you, else you’ll keep adding worthless years to your relationship.

5. Listen to your friends


And by this I mean, your friend. Not theirs. When they say your relationship is one-sided, they are probably right.

6. After a while, you get used to their ignorance


They are never present when you need them, but expect you to be there when they need you. You reluctantly get used to this and after a while you start feeling alone. This is the most horrible feeling on earth as it makes you realise that you’re alone despite being in a relationship.

7. It hurts and it hurts a lot


It hurts a lot as you start questioning yourself about why you’re never at the receiving end of the relationship. Even when you’re giving so much, you are never getting anything in return.

8. You know very well that it’s going to end

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When the time comes, you figure out that the relationship is not going to last a lifetime. When that happens, it is the biggest failure of your relationship.

9. No matter how badly they behave, you still worship them

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Love is blind and it defies logic. But if the person you selflessly love tells you to jump off a cliff, and you consider doing it, it only shows that you love them more than yourself. But the sad reality is that they just DON’T care.

10. You wish there was some kind of love potion that would make them fall in love with you


But this ain’t some Harry Potter movie right? No matter what you do, if they don’t love you, they never will. It’s as simple as that.

11. It feels amazing when you get out of it

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It will burn a hole in your heart that will take its own time to heal. But when it does, you’ve learnt some of the most important lessons in life. It will make you stronger and will teach you how not to love a person.

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