11 Best Photos of 2015

Angelo, one of Indonesia’s last orangutans, is awaiting his operation to have air-gun bullets removed in North Sumatra.

Mind Blowing photos 1

Shipwrecked refugees being rescued close to Lybia.

Mind Blowing photos 2

A kitchen table in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Mind Blowing photos 3

Freak floods in Tbilisi, Georgia, causing this happy hippo to go for a stroll.

Mind Blowing photos 4

This desperate man trying to escape ebola in Sierra Leone.

Mind Blowing photos 5

The Calbuco volcano suddenly erupting in Chile.

Mind Blowing photos 6

Guidi Oumarou (19) and her son awaiting treatment in the Central African Republic.

Mind Blowing photos 7

The White House displays a rainbow after legalizing same-sex marriage.

Mind Blowing photos 8

A migrant hiding from the Guardia Civil in Melilla, the Spanish territory of North Africa.

Mind Blowing photos 9

A widow celebrating the Holi festival in India.

Mind Blowing photos 10

Two women light candles to commemorate the victims of the Paris attacks in France.

Mind Blowing photos 11

via – ebaumsworld


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