10 Worst (Absolutely Lowest) Airports in 2015

The website Sleepinginairports.net has unveiled its annual list of the world’s “worst” airports, based on a survey of more than 25,000 travellers. Each airport was rated in four categories – comfort, conveniences (or lack thereof), cleanliness and customer service.

10. Paris Beauvais Tillé Airport, France


Never mind the fact that this airport claims to serve the French capital, despite being more than two hours from the city centre by car, it was also marked down for its general appearance. “If the 7th Circle of Hell were a place on Earth, it would be ‘Paris’ Beauvais-Tillé,” said one irate traveller.

9. Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Pakistan


The lowest ranked airport in last year’s poll, Islamabad’s main hub has soared to the giddy heights of ninth worst following an upgrade of bathrooms and check-in desks. A new terminal is coming next year which could further help its resurgence.

8. Ho Chi Minh City Tân Sơn Nhất International Airport, Vietnam


Poor Wi-Fi, dirty bathrooms, limited dining options and allegations that officials ask for bribes to speed up the immigration process saw the Vietnamese airport make its debut on the ranking this year.

7. Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport, Afghanistan


“Kabul International Airport has NO facility at all. Adding it will be an improvement,” said one traveller. Of course, given the country’s political turmoil, one shouldn’t expect too many creature comforts.

6. Port au Prince Toussaint Louverture International Airport, Haiti


Heat, dirty loos, “aggressive” baggage porters and a lack of chairs saw this airport named the worst in the Caribbean. “I was stranded here for eight hours in 95 degree heat,” complained one flier.

5. Caracas Simón Bolívar International Airport, Venezuela


The world’s fifth worst airport, according to the study. “Chaotic, uncomfortable and dull,” is the website’s verdict. It advises travellers to fork out for access to the private lounge, where Wi-Fi awaits.

4. Tashkent International Airport, Uzbekistan


Up (or rather, down) one place from fifth last year, Tashkent’s major hub was criticised for long queues, pushy passengers and a shortage of chairs. “The number one activity is waiting,” was how one traveller summed it up.

3. Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal


There’s no change at #3, though given this year’s devastating earthquake, it can be little surprise that the airport has failed to experience a renaissance. Travellers compared it to a bus terminal with one adding: “I purposely dehydrated myself, so I wouldn’t have to use the restroom.”

2. Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport, Saudi Arabia


The second worst airport in the world, the poll claims, it is “chaotic, crowded and unclean”. The city’s new airport is due to open in 2016, however.

1. Port Harcourt International Airport, Nigeria


A new entry for 2015, and in at #1 too. Port Harcourt “has to be the most corrupt airport in the world,” according to one visitor. Nor did “unpleasant staff, virtually no seating and a lack of air conditioning” help its cause.

via – telegraph


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