10 People who are Definitely Ready for New Jobs

These people either don’t give a crap, or don’t know how.

New Job 1

This Seems Totally legit.

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Being a weatherman is a brutal and thankless job.

New Job 2

Hard to make a lot of excuses for this one. Someone might have to use one of their extra weekend days to re-paint this sign.

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It is hard to know by looking at a crowded beverage shelf, just which of the soda bottles are ‘load bearing’ soda bottles.

new job

It seems like knowing how to spell ohio would be a prerequisite to working in quality control for nike but apparently not.

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“I think i’ve got enough room to squeeze through here…”

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This is how you unload a truck, when you play by your own rules.

new job 8

“…….Ok, Just one second while i look that up for you. ”

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This Russian Truck driver get’s incredibly lucky on a rough day at work.

new job 10

The precise moment where a pallet jack becomes a catapult.

via – ebaumsworld


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