Kingdom of Dream- Place for Music, Arts and Theatre

The absolute initially live diversion in the nation is an astonishing complex sparkling in Sector 29, Gurugram, India. It guarantees social treat to the guests in a mix of contemporary India just as present-day India. It offers a hypnotizing tour through different cultures and traditions and way of life of various pieces of India through […]

Gokarna- The City of Temples and White Sands

Located on the shore of Karwar, Gokarna is a town in Karnataka, basically known for two reasons – its seashores and sanctuaries. Gokarna can be various things to various individuals. Every year swarms of voyagers visit Gokarna looking for holiness and salvation on one hand and relief and unwinding on the other. The beaches are […]

Bhangarh Fort, Most Haunted Place of India

Rajasthan is known for its deserts and forts. Yet, while you go gaga over the wonderful excellence and loftiness of its strongholds and royal residences and fortresses that, despite everything stand enchanting, there is one spot that can totally transform your trip. Visit Bhangarh Fort, which is the most madly Haunted Places in India. Situated […]

Airports in India

Want to travel 1600 kms in less than 4 hours, well airplanes are the best choice for you. Airports play a keen role in our day to day life. The airport connects cities and towns across the globe enabling us to reach different places conveniently. Airports are generally categorized into four categories. These are: National […]

Skydiving in India

sky diving

Skydiving, also referred as parachuting, is a method of transiting from a high point to Earth with the aid of gravity, which involves the control of speed during the descent using a parachute or parachutes for either recreational or competitive purposes.