Step up your Showering Experience with Nebia Shower

nebia shower

Showers are essential for a refreshing day. Not just that, hosing off is necessary if you do not want to be the stinky guy. While showering everyday, one consumes up to 16 gallons of water on an average. That’s a lot of water to get the stank off, and Nebia aims to chop it down […]

89 years old Nana Betty is the Perfect Bridesmaid

perfect bridesmaid

Wedding for any bride is the most important day of her life. And for Christine Quinn, the day would have been incomplete without a bridesmaid who has seen her grow everyday.  For Christine, her 89 years old Nana Betty was the perfect bridesmaid.

The Unexpressed Emotions Dictionary by John Koenig

unexpressed emotions

In our daily lives, there are many unexpressed emotions and experiences that go unnoticed because we don’t have the right words to describe them. The moment when you feel time is going faster, the desire to not care about things as much as you do, a recurring thought that only comes to you late at night and many […]

Epic Coincidence Fails – You Think?

Funny moments like these could never have been captured if Louis Daguerre had not invented the camera. In that era, people would have probably wished to be able to show these epic coincidence fails to their friends, but just could not. Now after two centuries, with the all-present smartphones, these perfectly timed moments can never be […]

The Wonders of Being Human – Epic Wins Compilation

People are awesome

Being Human is spectacular. On top of that, if you can do things that are both creative and adventurous, you feel like you have fulfilled your purpose of life. Be it skiing or aerial dancing or skateboarding or rope walking or  stunt-biking or scuba diving or snorkeling or paragliding or jet skiing or surfing or […]

Your Perfect Getaway Cute Cabin by Dan Pauly

If you are planning a vacation in the United States, it has to be in this cute cabin. These rustic cabins are designed by Dan Pauly who has inherited his artisan skills from his great grandfather Henry (the pioneer of making barns in Central Minnesota after he emigrated to the States in the late 19th century). Some […]

Picture of the Day – Barnstorming

Steve Jones and Paul Bonhomme, two British pilots are the ‘official’ pioneers of fly airplanes in formation through a building, in a feat sponsored by Red Bull called ‘Barnstorming‘.

Sneezy and the Squirrel Whisperer

Mary Krupa from Penn State University has an uncanny ability to attract squirrels.  Mary who has become a sensation in the University and the media, is better known as the ‘Squirrel Whisperer’.

Germen Crew transforms Palmitas into a Rainbow Mural

In the past, vivid colors in a paint brush have transformed a community into a whole new world. Brownsville in Brooklyn showcasing the hand painted murals, not only promotes a promising future but also freedom to express. Yet another city Palmitas which was a city of violence is a now a city of vibrant colors.

The Very Beary Teddy Dog- Tonkey gains fame on Instagram


Although her owner, Christine Park from Edmonton, Canada may have created Tonkey’s Instagram account to attract more friends by posting the cute dog’s pictures. But this adorable star is the cutest teddy bear Shar Pei one can own.