Insane Diets

insane diets

Eating many calories can harm you, but for those who are professional athletes consume some extraordinary amount of food. Below you will find ten athletes that have an insane diet.

Scary Art

Sculptures created humans from time immemorial. This is a great way to perpetuate the memory of great men, important events, or to realize this way of communication to mankind. But there are also sculptures that plunged into shock. We have collected 10 of the sculptures from all over the world, looking at that it seems […]

Unique and Non-traditional Wedding Gowns

Weddings gowns are traditionally white, but now a days people like to be creative and different, they want something new and fresh to follow, to provide that uniqueness in wedding gowns we have collected some of non-traditional and unique wedding gowns.

How bathing can change a Dog?

A funny project called “Dry Dog Wet Dog” started by an Aussie – Serenah Hodson which displays cute dogs before and after washing. The results are quite amusing.  

50 Amazingly Creative Examples of Surreal Dark Art Form

An uncommon art form, which has gained immense appreciation in recent times, is surreal and the dark art. These two art forms have made it possible for artists to do anything they can think of, and that feeling of being different, can be expressed in such art forms.