Mysterious Things That Happen on Earth

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With the atmosphere being such a restless, tense and confronting place, that illusion is essential. We’ve stressed adequately as it is, after all. So let’s keep the existential crises to a minimum. Science and technology are indeed advancing at a ridiculous rate. You can buy a new TV, and that model’s been succeeded twice before […]

Yes, Sir, I Can Boogie: Scotland’s Unofficial Disco Anthem

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Thousands of Scotland enthusiasts are in London before their Euro 2020 match with England – but the skirl of the bagpipes has been chiefly flooded out by a 1970s disco classic. So how did the number become the country’s informal national anthem? It began when a video of euphoric players dancing to the song went […]

Barbara Windsor: Carry on Camping Bikini Sells for £9,500

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The late actress donned the swimwear in a memorable scene where her bikini top flew off amid an exercise class. The vendor will donate the proceeds from the sale of the item to the Alzheimer’s Society. The bikini had been rescued from a bin decades ago. The actress, who also acted in EastEnders, died in […]

Hyd Boy Gets World’s Most Expensive Medicine Zolgensma via Crowd-Funding

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Three-year-old Ayaansh from Hyderabad, suffering from a rare disease Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), has been administered the world’s costliest medicine Zolgensma. His parents mobilised ₹16 crores through crowd-funding in three-and-a-half months from 65,000 donors to buy the treatment. As a consequence, he was put under observation till evening before being discharged. The medicine, imported from […]

Kardashians: Keeping Up with Hottest Family on the Blocks

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With 20 series in 14 years, Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs its concluding episode this week. The program is shown in dozens of countries. It has made megastars like Kim Kardashian West, Kris Jenner, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall, and Kylie. Here are the ways a famous family made an impact on the generation. 1. Part […]

Why ‘Quirky’ People Are Attractive?

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Perhaps you’re assured of being overly anal about a unique area of your life, or maybe your associates are disappointed with your attitude of suddenly canceling projects because you require some alone time. While individual growth and working on our flaws are advantageous, there are ways in which we shouldn’t attempt to mark out our […]

International Booker Prize: The 2021 Winner Announcement

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At Night All Blood is Black, penned by David Diop and transcribed from French by Anna Moschovakis, declared the 2021 International Booker Prize winner. The £50,000 prize will be divided between David Diop and Anna Moschovakis, addressing the author and translator similar recognition. The winner was declared by the chair of the judges, Lucy Hughes-Hallett, […]

Friends Reunion: The Best Moments and Reactions

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The hugely popular US sitcom, which followed a group of New Yorkers in their twenties and thirties, ended in 2004 after ten seasons. Seeing all six principal cast members get back together to discuss their time on the show is genuinely rare. In recent years, columnists have generally been told not to request any Friends […]

Emily Brontë: Lost Handwritten Poems Assumed to Bring About £1m

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The Honresfield Library, which has re-emerged after nearly 100 years in obscurity, will move up for auction at three individual auctions. Emily’s poems are supposed to fetch somewhere within £800,000 and £1.2m. The first version of her famous novel Wuthering Heights could get within £200,000 and £300,000. Emily Bronte’s handwritten poems An annotated Brontë family […]

Pete & Bas: The Grandfathers Making Waves in UK

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Some years ago, Peter Bowditch, 70, a retired Royal Mail assistant, didn’t comprehend what UK grime or drill music was. While his granddaughter would tune car radio into stations rap and grime broadcasts, Pete would turn it off. But over time, Pete halted reaching for the dial and began to appreciate what he was listening […]