Latitude Festival: Sense of Liberation with Densely-Packed Music Fans

Latitude Festival wayoutofworld

Dream Wife’s guitarist Alice Go said they had so many dreams about this as the band prepared to play their first show in January 2020. She had a dream that they couldn’t find any food until just before the show – and when they did, they were so hungry they gorged themselves. Then they couldn’t […]

Scarlett Johansson: Disney Sued over streaming of Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson wayoutofworld

The movie set a box office history for the Covid-19 pandemic, earning $218m (£157m) in its opening weekend. But box office releases then fell sharply, and Ms. Johansson claims she was stripped of potential profits. In acknowledgment, Disney said it had “fully complied” with her contract and that her claim had “no merit whatsoever.” After […]

Anne-Marie: Relatable Sense Of Normality Amid The Glossy Pop

Anne-Marie wayoutofworld

Anne-Marie’s songs feel more like intimate beer garden conversations with your mates, as objected to algorithm-chasing anthems. She has co-written with a collection of collaborators, including Ed Sheeran‘ 2002’ – delivered in 2018. It was a summary volley of youthful nostalgia while ‘Birthday’ was driven by a carefree celebration two years later: “I’m a do […]

Tramlines 2021: Heart and Soul back into Sheffield

Tramlines 2021 wayoutofworld

Tramlines in Sheffield is part of a government pilot event that will see no social distancing, no masks, and a capacity crowd. Instead, festivalgoers will have to prove a negative coronavirus test or that they have been double-jabbed. The three-day event started on Friday with one person saying it was the start of “living again”. […]

Black Tiktok Originators Have Started a Strike

Megan wayoutofworld

Black creators on TikTok refuse to choreograph new dances and call out what they see as a new form of cultural appropriation on the app, which may sound as an odd news to all. Rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s latest song, ‘Thot Shit,’ was supposed to be a TikTok hit. Her previous single ‘Savage’ had more […]

Ruth Madeley: Actress Tells Taxi Driver Got Her Wheelchair Elsewhere

Ruth Madeley wayoutofworld

The Bafta nominee said the driver told her it was “too difficult” to drop her at an accessible entrance, and it wasn’t his problem if she couldn’t use stairs. Then, after a payment dispute, she said he took her wheelchair, put it in his boot and refused to give it back. Madeley described the incident […]

Entertainment In Your Head! Anne Boleyn Gets Engaged on Entertainment Stage

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Natalie Pilkington from the harmonious Six said she was “absolutely gobsmacked” when beau Andy McGuire went down on one knee following the show’s finale. After she answered “yes”, the public at Leeds Grand went wild, and the rest of the co-cast threw confetti. Pilkington appended that she had absolutely no idea of McGuire’s plan whatsoever. […]

Freezing Changed the Green Pea: Get them Ready in Minutes.

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It is almost good to have frozen peas unless you have a kitchen garden, almost always better than fresh. Unless you have the luxury of a garden and the ability to eat peas finished off the creeper, fresh peas need so long to give grocery store displays that enzyme splits down their sugars into starch, […]

Odd Things: Might Help Improve Your Life In Small Ways

Odd Things wayoutofworld

At times, we like buying things that are a bit out of the league, or they are there to look cute, or we want them because they make our tasks more accessible and more comfortable. So, let’s check some of them available on Amazon. And, for your information, the prices are also too affordable. But, […]

Weirdest Products on Amazon: Check them Out

Weirdest Products wayoutofworld

There’s something about one-of-a-kind, strange products that catch people’s attention, especially since friends like to gift each other unusual products as a gag gift or a fun stocking stuffer.  Ever catch yourself skimming through Amazon and coming over a product that’s just so… weird?. If you’re already commencing your holiday shopping or love finding the […]