These Superstitions are a Total Hoax

Superstitions and old wives’ tales are a prominent part of our lives, no matter how much you deny it. Even if you don’t consider yourself a superstitious person, you probably say “God bless you” whenever someone sneezes, and cross your fingers every time you wish for something. We know superstitions are not logical at all […]

15 Photos where people dressed same as surrounding by chance

How many times have you walked into a building, only to find that your clothing perfectly matches the décor? Do you dream of finding others that have also experience this most unusual phenomenon? Well now you can, with Spishak’s..wait, no, with this list from Bored Panda!

The Beautiful Underworld (15 Photos)

A new book, Truly Madly Deeply, showcases impressive images of underwater life, including camouflaged seahorse, ethereal corals – and swimming gazelles. The photos, mostly taken in Sulawesi and Raja Ampat in Indonesia, show a panoply of microlife – gobies on coral strands and clownfish – to land animals swimming across white-sand seabeds.