Perfumes Have Secrets that only they can Reveal

Most people love perfume, but don’t give it much thought beyond ‘Oh, that smells amazing’ and ‘Eww, that scent is awful!’ Well, here are 12 things we bet you didn’t know about perfume.

Have you ever seen a White Giraffe? Here’s your chance.. its beautiful

This stunning giraffe has not been photoshopped, she’s real! Omo, the 15-month-old beauty whose skin looks as if it was bleached, is suffering from leucism. It’s a condition that results in a partial loss of pigmentation. She was spotted in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania by Dr Derek Lee, founder and scientist at the Wild […]

This Girls is a Double Double for Taylor Swift (17 Photos)

Kietra Jane is a 21 year old student from the University of Utah and she looks almost exactly like Taylor Swift. She’s built up a big following online thanks to her good looks and she can even sing too. She shares such a distinct resemblance to Taylor Swift that it’s become really difficult for people […]