Unreal Excuses that were Actually Real (25 Photos)

Who hasn’t been late to work or school and had to make up some stupid lie to avoid getting in even more trouble? As a former retail manager, I heard the most absurd lies you can imagine. Even worse, sometimes people are dim and will call out of work or school, only to forget they […]

11 Signs That You Are In A One-Sided Relationship

A one-sided relationship is one where your ‘I love you’ means a mere three, useless words for them. It is marked by you being too available for them, and them not showing up when you need them.

This Treehouse has to be the Most Adorable one

Every girl wants a fairy tree in her bedroom, so 2016 super-dad candidate and Reddit user radamshome decided to oblige. He spent 350 hours over 18 months to build this magical 4,250 USD project. The concrete and rebar tree is so strong, that it can support up to three adults.