A New Jeans that doesn’t need Washing

We all have a favourite pair of jeans, those jeans we never ever want to throw away. But that’s not possible because eventually they start smelling and we know it’s time to let them go.

25 Cutest Photos of Animals Sniffing Flowers

Flowers have the most alluring smell, and not only to the impressionable bees. We have made a list of photos that show animals enjoying a whiff or two from a petal or bloom. Kittens, nature’s cuddliest critters, look even better when they’re enjoying the sweet scents of flowers. Same goes for bunnies!

31 Movie Posters Combined with Real Life Pictures

Jimmy Chung is committed to showing the world what goes on in movie posters when they continue beyond their frames. His Instagram is full of pictures like these ones and after you see them you’ll probably never look at these movie posters the same way again.