6 Tips to Stay Healthy in 2016

Your doctor’s advice often tailors your New Year resolution, so we went and asked Mumbai’s top health practitioners for their best tips. While we were at it, we also asked them how they’d want to change their own lives. Here’s what they had to say! Dr. Kiran Coelho, Gynaecologist I am a workaholic. For the […]

Hairstylist best advice for encourage people (7 Photos)

Ursula Goff knows that not everything is as it appears when it comes to social media selfies. That’s why she’s on a mission to let people know that just because someone looks perfect on social media, that doesn’t mean that they’re perfect in real life. She’s using her new photos to expose the smoke and […]

Some Benefits if you are crazy about Cats (11 Photos)

We are crazy about our cats! And there are so many reasons why. Lingvistov has already published a guide on the benefits of having cats. Now you can get this awesome book for your cat friends, cat relatives, fellow cat ladies and cat appreciators and yourself of course!