Some Vegetarian recipes you can cook in Half Hour (24 Photos)

We are big fans of spending quality time on food and eating. Eating is one of the most important things you do all day long, so for physical, mental and spiritual health, it is vital to spend time and thought each part of the process from selecting ingredients and recipes, to preparing your food, to […]

93-Year-Old Grandmother is the most vibrant models on Instagram

Who said getting old is a drag? 93-year-old grandma Emiko beats all the stereotypes by being one of the most vibrant models on Instagram. She models her granddaughter Chinami Mori’s colorful handmade clothes, which Mori makes in a freestyle Japanese weaving technique known as Saori.

The Famous Bollywood TV Celebs of 2015 (9 Photos)

While some are born stars, others climb the ladder of stardom one step at a time. TV celebrities come in the second category. After successful stints in the telly world, many aspire to make it to the silver screen. And like every year, 2015 also saw some smashing Bollywood debuts of famous TV stars.