13 Photos of Classic Modern Mix Beautiful Houses

Stretching out of the original structures like alien growths, these modern additions don’t even bother trying to blend in with their traditional architectural settings – but somehow, it works. The mashup of old and new keeps the historic character of the original structures intact while updating them for use by 21st-century residents, expanding the available […]

Sweary Word Coloring Book In 2016 (12 Photos)

It’s no secret that lately adult coloring books have been taking over bookstores. Most of them are very detailed and sophisticated, even spiritual. But Sarah Bigwood, a 30-year-old artist from UK, known as PixieRah Design, has taken a whole different approach – relaxation by coloring… swear words.

8 Photos of Uncomfortable Architecture Design

Grab a cocktail inside an oversized rectum and then take in the unsettling sight of a sculptural red building graphically referencing humankind’s dominion over nature. Dreamed into being over a period of nearly twenty years by design collective Atelier van Lieshout, this series of over 20 sculptures and structures became an immersive exhibit at the […]

The Best Christmas Song of All Time

When someone hears the phrase “most iconic Christmas song of all time,” they often mistakenly associate it with Mariah Carey’s pretty OK holiday number, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”