15 Funny Photos of Cat’s Celebration on Christmas Trees

Cats love to attack anything that’s shiny, so during Christmas, the target is pretty obvious. The funny thing is that cats are one of the few creatures on this planet that can completely destroy your Christmas and make you go ‘Aaaw’ at the same time.

The Weirdest Christmas Gifts ever (18 Photos)

Goodwill is kind of a Christmasy place when you think about it. Whether you want to give away some of your old things to the poor, or you’re looking for a last minute entry for your office’s gift exchange, Goodwill has you covered.

Are you a social stoner? Here’s an app for your

In a state like Colorado, it’s not hard finding people who like to smoke weed. Especially when you have an app like High There, a Tinder-esque tool that connects stoners with other stoners based on common interests, such as their energy levels while smoking and post-smoking activities.

5 Unique Inventions for Solve The Pollution Problem

The level of pollution in Indian cities is worsening by the day and the quality of air we breathe is pretty much a health hazard. But enterprising individuals across the world have found solutions. Some of them so outlandish, you’ll be surprised how any of these even work!

The cutest elf is a 4-month-old baby boy Rockwell (10 Photos)

Utah’s dad-of-six Alan Lawrence decided to take the famous Elf on the Shelf Christmas tradition to the next level by turning his own 4-month-old baby boy Rockwell into the cutest elf ever. He made up a whole story about his own little elf and started documenting his mischievous adventures on his That Dad Blog. Lawrence’s […]