10 Natural hot springs around the World

When the weather outside is frightful, there are few things so tempting as calling in sick to work and heading to a natural hot springs spa to soak in warm mineral-rich water – or maybe just watch a bunch of monkeys doing it. Few of us are lucky enough to live adjacent to these earth-heated healing waters, […]

20 Christmas Gifts that are Genius Inventions

This holiday season, don’t waste your money buying Dad another tie or getting Mom another piece of jewelry that she’ll never wear. Instead, choose from any of these 20 items that’ll instantly make their lives easier. Some of them are old standbys, but that doesn’t make them any less awesome.

60 Best Cross Tattoos Example

The Coptic cross tattoos in its current and classical modes is considered a symbol of trust and pride. The Coptic cross is made up of two bold lines of equal length which intersect each other at the middle at right angles.  At each angle are three points, representing the Trinity of the Father, the Son […]

41 Mother Daughter Tattoos Ideas and Design

Every daughter has one most important character in life that’s mother. Both share a very special bond, and it is a universal fact. There could be many reasons for this robust relationship, one such reason is woman understand a woman better. A daughter shares so much with her mother like anger, happiness, dreams and pain […]