Some of the Worst Gifts Ever (30 Photos)

It’s the holiday season, and odds are that you will be exchanging gifts with someone who has no idea what to get you. The worst part is that you later have to feign excitement over the terrible present.

15 Photos of Homeless People with their Dog

More than a year ago we made a post abouthomeless people and their dogs. Amazed by their four-legged friends’ unconditional love, we decided to turn the post into an open list so you could contribute as well.

70 Best Side Tattoos for Girls with Beautiful Design and Ideas

Side tattoos for girls come in various designs; you just need a good idea for a side tattoo and a body that can be flaunted. But you need to choose a tattoo design that suit your style. From shoulder to the waist you have options for an extended tattoo, so making a choice will help […]

80 Great Arm Tattoos Ideas that you can share with friends

We love to feature tattoos now and then, and this time we selected the theme of arm tattoos, one of the best placements of tattoos on your body is arms. Guys like to show their bulging biceps and girls like to flaunt their sexy smooth skin. Arm tattoos are perfect to showcase both art and […]

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