Grammar Nerds need to buy these 17th Gifts today

As an English major, I can’t say I’m perfect when it comes to grammar, punctuation, or spelling, but I do know that hearing or seeing someone make a horrendous error is quite cringe-inducing.

70th Wedding Anniversary Celebrated as First for 98-year-old couple

Every wedding anniversary is worthy of celebration, but a 70th anniversary is one that deserves something truly special. Chinese couple Wang Deyi, 98, and Cao Yuehua, 97, were married in 1945 at Northern Hot Springs Park in Chongqing. They had four children who, this year, helped them to recreate the wedding photo from so long […]

The Best Funniest Letters from Kids to Santa (22 Photos)

When I was a kid, I wrote letters to Santa Claus every single year, making sure to thank him for last year’s presents and letting him know what I wanted for the upcoming Christmas. It’s a tradition than many kids participate in, and I’m sure it won’t stop anytime soon.

Prepare your brain for this Optical Illusion (4 Photos)

Remember that dress that went viral earlier this year because people couldn’t figure out if it was white and gold or blue and black? Well this optical illusion is a lot like that so prepare for your brain to be melted.