Weird Stories about Actors Leaving TV Shows (17 Stories)

Billy the Blue Ranger (David Yost) wasn’t fired from The Power Rangers, but he randomly walked off the set during his lunch break one day and never came back. Turns out, the crew had been harassing him for years about his sexual orientation and he’d been contemplating suicide. After he left the show, he put […]

22 Reason You Need a Designer

Designers deserve more credit than they sometimes get – they put up with a lot more nonsense from clients than we think, and they can prevent you from making regrettable design choices like the ones on this list. If you don’t want to end up looking foolish, a good designer is worth the money!

15 Photos of Glorious Men with Glitters in Beard

In the latest weird trend to surface on Instagram, bearded men are starting to cover their beards with glitter. It may seem unexpected, but it was only a matter of time after men began putting flowers in their beards more than a year ago.