Bride Did Something Awesome With Her Dress

Being dumped right before your wedding has to be the most devastating thing ever, but that was the sad reality for Kilee Manulak. Her engagement of two years ended with a text message from her fiancé saying that he no longer wanted to marry her.

Coats Tied on Poles by Kids in Canada for Homeless

Though it’s a bit early, one woman (and a whole bunch of kids) has already shown us what the holiday spirit is really all about. Worried about what the homeless would do during the coming winter, Tara Smith-Atkins, her eight-year-old daughter, and seven of her friends gathered winter coats and tied them to street poles […]

A Man created new Selfie Stick called as Selfie Arms

A Japanese dude named Mansun decided that to create something that he apparently thinks is less embarssing than a selfie stick – “Self Arms”. He plans on mass-producing the product soon, so don’t throw your self sticks away just yet.