Artist Portray an Octopus by using Ballpoint Pens Only

When his designer friends questioned the utility of ballpoint pens, artist Raymond Cicin took that as a challenge. He collected their discarded ballpoint pens and spent more than a year creating this enormous and highly-detailed octopus drawing.

Painful Parenting Moments illustrate by Funny Photos

I’m a mum of three little boys. For the past year, I’ve been keeping memories of those sweet / funny / painful parenting moments by drawing. It’s helped me find the lighter side of certain situations, particularly while I was battling post partum depression.

Barbie’s Evolution from 1959 to Now

Since the release of the iconic Barbie doll in 1959, however, it has changed quite a bit, changing along with the ideals that society set for women. Tumblr user Tenaflyviper collected headshots of barbies from every year since 1959 and combined them in collages so we can watch them evolve.