18 Photos of Canadian Army uniforms (1903 to today)

Canada has a long and storied history in wartime and in honour of Remembrance Day just around the corner, lets take a look at the uniforms that our soldiers wore for the major historical events of the last century.

Realistic Locations that Inspired Disney (18 Photos)

The beautiful worlds found in our favorite Disney movies are works of imagination, but even they are rooted in real-life locations. These images comparing some of Disney’s most iconic locations with their real-life counterparts will make you believe in magic!

Not Pencil Drawings it’s Sketch Tattoos by Nomi Chi (12 Photos)

Naomi Chi’s tattoos look like mostly finished pencil drawings. The Vancouver artist-student achieves this through her sketch-like style; the guiding lines and shapes used to compose the image are left in, giving the impression that you’re looking at an open sketchbook.