20 Cute Outfits

Who doesn’t like cute outfits? I do, and a lot. I can’t imagine girls wearing anything but cute. Girls have a style and they need to flaunt it.

30 Traditional Tattoos Representing Bold Ideas

Traditional tattoos are basically a composition of elements that look bold and clean outlines. These tattoos depend entirely the selection of color and the idea. Keeping all these things in mind we have come up with great traditional tattoos that fulfill the above lines.

30 Ideas For Cover Up Tattoos Design

Nowadays cover up tattoos are used by many tattoo fans, covering of old tattoos are modified by highly skilled tattoo artists because it require certain expertise and experience. I have heard many stories and instances where people didn’t like the designs of them.

30 Attractive Foot Tattoos Design

Foot tattoos are one of the most popular subject where people like to place highly expressive designs on foot. The only thing foot tattoos are unpopular about is the fact that it fades faster. Although this is a misconceptions, but many people have reported fading of foot tattoos due to prolonged wearing of socks and […]

35 Fanciful Mandala Tattoo

Mandala is a shape that is in the form of circle, square and triangle. The word Mandala means circle in The Sanskrit language. Its characteristics are the radial balance and edges that is same all around, so the measurement from the centre is same to its edges of a circle.

Marvelous Owl Tattoos Designs that are a symbol of Wealth

An owl tattoo is a very attractive design of tattoos, which are very popular and can be carried by both men and women. The owl tattoos are intended to represent the qualities and traits. These interesting and detailed tattoos hold many symbolic values and look charming.

Top 35 Best Anchor Tattoos Example

An anchor tattoos frequently means perseverance, peace, power, confidence and emotion. People generally use other symbols or words with anchor, just like rose, continuity, gyro-compasses, wheels and ropes. Anchor tattoos have become famous within traditional tattoo culture over the years, but the typology is still the same.