40 Best Design Of Phoenix Tattoos

Phoenix is a bird that same as an Indian bird “Garuda” in mythological history. Phoenix is a particular symbol of God in Greek, Egyptian and Phoenician cultures. The history behind was it can rise from its ashes. <!–more–>The story goes that this unique bird lives alone for centuries, and as it came of age, it […]

35 Best Compass Tattoo Ideas That Show Right Path

Compass is a device that contain a magnetic point that shows the direction of the path. Compass Tattoo is a favorite title of tattooing for most of the people, but it is very famous between pilots and tourists.

35 Best Tree Tattoos That Represent Long-Life

Every tattoo has a particular meaning and so tree tattoos also have some real meaning. Tree tattoos are a unique idea for nature lovers, and trees are the foremost part of life on earth. Tree tattoos also help to show growth, beauty, grace and strength.