Pinterest Office is what you would call DIY wonderland

Pinterest Office Headquaters in San Francisco are all about crafty walls, modern architecture, fun DIY workspace, creative office furniture and a lot more.

BuzzFeed recently visited the Pinterest HQ and photographed the premises with huge sky lights, mini hot air balloons, a Lego wall to which you need to add your own Lego blocks, a beam draped in a huge knitted sweater, a bike rack with a planter bike, wooden swings and heirloom tomatoes laid on a table. Continue reading “Pinterest Office is what you would call DIY wonderland”

Picture of the Day – The Deer Party

Deer are the ruminant mammals forming the family Ceridae. Species in the family include white-tailed deer,mule deer such as black-tailed deer, elk, moose, red deer, reindeer (caribou), fallow deer, roe deer, pudú and chital. Male deer of all species (houcept the Chinese water deer) and female reindeer grow and shed new antlers each year (Source – Wikipedia)

Here, young fawns can be seen feeding in a lawn. How did that happen? Well, a mother of a redditer, McVeeth from North Wisconsin started feeding apples couple of young fawns and the word spread out. Although feeding wild animals can have its own adverse effects, this herd of deer seems to be harmlessly enjoying  the food. Continue reading “Picture of the Day – The Deer Party”

Picture of the Day – The Road to Heaven

The nature amazes us in ways we can not even imagine. Sometimes, you would be driving and you would see a sunset or any scenic beauty that you would want to capture, no matter where you are headed. That is what happened with this reddit user. The mesmerizing landscape was captured by lalybay on reddit while driving in car. This is a place near a small village in Norway called Volda. Continue reading “Picture of the Day – The Road to Heaven”

Alia Bhatt – Genius of the Year

The true genius that is Alia Bhatt has starred in various memes and jokes after her GK quiz fiasco on Koffee with Karan.  Her response to the mockery is perfect and hilarious in a viral video by All India Bakchod.

She appropriately responded to the trolls during an Indian Express interview earlier this year – “I don’t get upset at it, I laugh at it. I am the first person to laugh at myself. I always say that I rather be stupid than pretend to be intelligent… Basically there are these Twitter and Facebook jokes on me, because I am apparently stupid. They are very hilarious.” However, the never ending mockers had it coming and she retorted with this amazing video. Continue reading “Alia Bhatt – Genius of the Year”

Hyperlapse – An Instagram standalone app for time lapse videos

Hyperlapse  has been launched by Instagram as a standalone app for making super easy time lapse videos. It is like using a 15000 dollars video equipment for free. This is the second standalone app launched by Instagram since its acquisition by Facebook for 1 billion dollars in 2012. The first was an ephemeral photo sharing app, Bolt available in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa for iOS and Android. Continue reading “Hyperlapse – An Instagram standalone app for time lapse videos”

Picture of the Day – Estonian Opera House Parking Entrance

Who would not want to enter an opera with a conductor’s hand holding a baton waiting at the parking gate?

The Estonian National Opera in Tallinn has the coolest ever parking gate. You are bound to have fun at the Opera House with that creative an entrance. Find out more on Estonian National Opera House on the website.

The photograph was published on Twitter by Classical KDFC and reddit by Nevare88  Continue reading “Picture of the Day – Estonian Opera House Parking Entrance”

Picture of the Day – The Epic Handshake above the French Alps

French residents Fred Fugen, 34, and Vincent Reffet, 29 training in Austria for The Ultimate Skydiving Combo. They are performing a HALO (Hight Altitutde Low Opening) skydive from 33,000 feet (10 km) above Europe’s Largest Mountain, Mont Blanc, Austria. Curvature of Earth can be clearly seen in this shot.

Continue reading “Picture of the Day – The Epic Handshake above the French Alps”

Cute lip art by talented makeup artist – Laura Jenkinson

Laura Jenkinson is a London based makeup artist who has an affinity for creative lip art. She uses lipsticks and paints to draw various cartoon characters and other expressions on her lips. Most of the characters illustrate her lips as theirs. The amazing artist, certainly has the knack of bringing the cartoons characters to life using solely her mouth. Continue reading “Cute lip art by talented makeup artist – Laura Jenkinson”

Like Mother Like Daughter – Adorable photos

Mothers and daughters share a special bond. Daughters always look up to their mothers for advice or help. Mother is the idol for a daughter and for a mother, her daughter is her reflection. The mother knows it all without her kid saying anything.

When you’re five years old, she’s your angel. You put her lipstick on your face and adorn her earrings and high heels, to look like mommy. When you are a teenager, she is ignorant and out-of-touch and you, at times, can’t stand her.” For the next five years, your only words to her are “Mom, please!” And somewhere between twenties and thirties, she is your best friend again with whom you share everything and go shopping or spa day with. Continue reading “Like Mother Like Daughter – Adorable photos”

A grieving father & the Photoshop request for his baby girl

Nathen Steffel from Ohio, is a grieving father of his 6 weeks old baby girl, Sophia who passed away last week. He posted a heart-rending Photoshop request for his baby girl on Reddit for removing the medical tubing from her daughter’s photograph. Since she had spent her 6 weeks of life in the hospital, he did not have any photos of her without the tubes.

Continue reading “A grieving father & the Photoshop request for his baby girl”