6 Photos of Ghost Streets Taken with Aerial View

When thoroughfares are subtracted from city grids, subsequent urban infill is shaped by the voids of these former roadways, streetcar or rail paths, standing out like architectural scar tissue when viewed from above. The effect is all the more pronounced when the disappeared passageways cut at odd angles through city blocks, forcing particularly odd-shaped ‘scarchitecture’ to follow.

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Before Today You Probably Never Knew these Beautiful Horse Breeds (13 Photos)

We’re all familiar with the majesty of draft horses and the wildness of stallions, but what about those under-the-radar horse breeds? There are so many beautiful creatures that roam countrysides that you don’t know about. Even if you didn’t want a pony as a child, these ridiculously gorgeous horses are going to make you want one…like, right now.

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60 Latest Tattoos For Girls

For the first fifty or sixty years after tattooing became a common think in modern society. Female tattoos or girly tattoos that are fair in design preferred by women and girls. Many celebrities who publicly sportted tattoos, so tattooing became more socially acceptable. Some of these were women, and so, tattoos for girls became more popular. Maximum people find female tattoos attractive.

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The Sexiest Asian Man is Zayn Malik and Hrithik Roshan Takes Second Position

As if he needs any polls to prove his sex appeal. Nevertheless, Hrithik Roshan has been given the second spot in the 50 Sexiest Asian Men list. The Bollywood hunk slipped one place down from last year’s numero uno position in the ranking. The annual poll has been compiled by a UK-based newspaper. The Bang Bang star attracts enough fan adulation wherever he goes. From his gymming pics, to those flaunting his six-packs, nothing goes unnoticed.

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These Hoverboard Stories Are So Shocking (9 Photos)

We know—the following items are not really hoverboards. Hoverboards hover. However, because the term “hoverboards” is so freely used in the media and is the most popular name for these gadgets (as opposed to “rideable scooters,” “pole-free Segways,” “Swegways,” and “self-balancing boards”) we’re using it here.

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60 Beautiful Henna Tattoos Designs

Mehndi is acquired from the Sanskrit word mendhika. In the Indian tradition, mehndi is a local variant of henna designs. Many festive occasions such as weddings, religious events and traditional ceremonies are not completed without mehndi ceremony especially Indian culture. However henna is not only used in India but also in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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